Is your business ready for the digital economy?

Digital technology is transforming the Australian economy. Is your business prepared to take advantage of these changes?

Digital technologies are changing the ways that customers interact with businesses, and also how businesses organise themselves. Digital technologies are an important source of productivity, and have the potential to increase competitive value, improve business efficiency, drive sales of products and service, and save money.

Productivity is the measure of how effectively input is transformed into output — how successfully a company satisfies customer demand. An online presence means that consumers are able to communicate demand to your business anywhere and at any time. As such, it is necessary for businesses to undergo a digital transformation in order to respond to and benefit from these changes.

More people are making use of online services than ever before.  Having the right digital technology is a must for businesses’ survival. When businesses draw on people’s willingness to use online services, they have the potential to reach a much wider audience and to perform their services more productively.

Faster internet (broadband)

Getting broadband always comes back to where your business or residence is located. There is no easy one size fits all way to get high speed and affordable broadband. That is why the Australian Government set about creating the National Broadband Network (NBN). Until the NBN is available everywhere, these will be patchwork quilt of solutions and challenges for everyone to consider and some will have to pay more than others for the same or a lesser quality connection.

For more information: Broadband Availability

Web presence

A company’s web presence can mean a few different things, but essentially, it’s how the internet community views a specific company online. This includes:

A company’s website

  • A company’s website is the most basic form of a company’s web presence and is a must have in today’s business environment. It also serves as an online storefront and acts as the face of the business’s brand and message to the world.

Social Media presence

  • A business today will typically have a Facebook page and other numerous social media sites to promote their web presence and overall brand.

Search Engine prevalence

  • Another aspect of a company’s overall web presence is its prevalence on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since Google’s search algorithm takes into account many factors including relevant content and popularity. Your website’s ranking on Google is a good indicator of how strong your web presence is.

Online advertising presence

  • Online advertising is available in many different forms and includes search engine marketing, online radio advertising, advertising on YouTube, and other vehicles that will increase your web presence. Advertising is aimed at encouraging a certain action from the recipient of the message and aids in boosting a company’s online presence.



Under the Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS) Gulf Savannah Development Inc. (GSD) is currently delivering advisory services to small business operators or enterprising persons in the shires of Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Mornington, Mareeba, Tablelands and Kowanyama.

One of the five streams included in the program:

Digital Engagement Implementation
Services include mentoring, training and assistance to clients to deliver a productive social media presence, a digital engagement strategy and an online profile that is tailored to meet individual needs.  This will include advice and assistance on e-commerce, advice with information technology and broadband service issues, and adopting concepts to assist with marketing, managing and growing ideas.

To register your interest contact the Small Business Support Officer, Annie Cork on or phone 0437 029 668.

More information: GSD Australian Small Business Advisory Service