Higher commodity prices, the high Australian dollar, our macro policy environment and global economic challenges each play a significant role in Australia’s mineral and resource sector however despite these conditions, Australia’s growth continues to remain solid off the back of mining and, equally the value of mining activity in Far North Queensland has continued to grow. The Atherton Tablelands benefits both directly from mining and resource activities as well as indirectly through flow on effects and therefore the broader context of mining in the Far North Queensland region is significant to the Atherton Tablelands. In 2010/11 Far North Queensland saw a rise in mining activity, taking the value of mineral sales from the region to over a billion at $1,166 million and value of production to just under a billion at $970 million with the difference in value partially attributable to transport costs included in sale values.

Resource Rich

The Atherton Tablelands is well positioned en-route between mines sites and sea/air ports, to support the growth of the sector through the provision of mining and resource sector services and a skilled/ semi-skilled workforce. The Atherton Tablelands also offers an excellent home base for the fly/ drive in and out workforce, rich in lifestyle and with access to all the services and amenities required of a minerals and resource sector worker and their family. The region has already seen an increase in employment in the mining sector by 242 persons since 2006, up to 674 in 2011 as more mining sector works choose the Atherton Tablelands as their home base.


For more information on this section, please refer to Our Economy, Our Future 2013 report.