Tablelands Futures Corporation identifies and progresses key strategic economic development issues and opportunities for the economic development benefit of the Atherton Tablelands region.  

Projects implemented are consistent with Tablelands Regional Council and Mareeba Shire Council’s economic development goals and desired outcomes as stated in Council’s respective Corporate Plans and Tropical North Queensland Regional Economic Plan.

Annually, the TFC Board of Directors reviews the operations and strategic direction of the organisation in partnership with industry stakeholders.

Key projects and opportunities are identified and existing projects reviewed and progressed.

Priority Projects

  • Facilitate the identification of joint strategic economic development objectives across Mareeba Shire Council and Tablelands Regional Council shire boundaries.
  • Health and Well-being (including Aged Care demand)
  • Technology and Innovation
    • Continue to leverage opportunities for small business and industry to uptake digital technologies.
    • Foster an environment that encourages entrepreneurial innovation and business capacity.
  • Investment Attraction
  • Tourism
    • mapping and promotion of trails
    • ongoing support for the local tourism organisation Tropical Tablelands Tourism
    • sport tourism opportunities
  • Mountain Biking
  • Industry Forums
  • Regional Transport Advocacy
  • Regional Strategies
  • Sustainable funding models for regional organisations

Past Projects